Local Community

How has the Corona Virus and COVID -19 effected your local community? How can you protect the LOCAL Community?

As this pandemic has unfolded across our country and around the world the effect it has had on our LOCAL communities has been drastic to say the least. From “social distance” and the desire to protect our loved ones, family, and friends. Creating a situation that has served to divide our society instead of uniting it. As many have said “United we stand devided we fall.” How does that relate to our current situation and our LOCAL communities?

Small Business, and the core events like high school sports, and other community concentric activities have all been canceled or postponed. In a lot of places even high school graduation ceremonies are not being held. These regular engagements of the small local and even rural communities across this country are the threads that bind those communities together, and provide a place to visit with your neighbors and friends. In some parts of the country the auctions and “mud sales” are intrical in the very fiber of what makes those communities thrive. And yet this pandemic has created an environment where those activities are being canceled.

The small businesses that are the core of these communities are suffering. Mom and Pop companies that provide goods, and services throughout the country have had to close or otherwise greatly curtail the way they do business. When you have a LOCAL family owned restaurant that did a good lunch crowd and a great Friday night crowd almost shut down. They now that have 20% of their business because those crowds are gone. They now can only do a “take out” and no site down of any kind. This particular restaurant is what this family feeds their family with. They are not like the Walmart’s, and big chain restaurants. Your money spent with the local small businesses does not end up in some investors or CEOs pocket. It stays in your local community with local wages and money spent.

How can we protect our LOCAL communities?

  • Shop small! Vote with your wallet and spend your money with the small businesses that keep the wages LOCAL and are active members of your local community.
    • Don’t do take out from the chain restaurants. Do the independent small business restaurants.
    • Buy direct from the LOCAL Farmers and agricultural producers. Eliminate the middle man and go straight to the source. Get To Know Your Farmer – TODAY!
  • Grow your own food! What better way to keep your supply chain local than growing your own food. Don’t know where to start? Check out My Victory Garden HERE for step by step guidance and skills to learn how to grow your food.
  • Barter and Trade with your neighbors. What better way to take control of your local community than to trade and barter with them for the goods and services you need. When you do so you eliminate “Uncle Sam’s” cut and way to decrease the return for each of your dollar. Think about this – approximately 40 percent of every dollar you earn is spent on taxes of some type! Check out our Covid Financial section for more information on these thoughts and concepts.
  • Be Community! Check up on your FRIENDS, FAMILY, NEIGHBORS, and yes, even strangers. Ask them how they are doing and if they need anything. You don’t have to violate “social distancing” to do this. You can do from six feet away with a mask on. Even when you are out getting the necessary supplies for your everyday life, and run across someone. Just ask “how are you holding up?” It’s that simple and might mean the difference between them cracking or their making it through these trying times. If you need someone to talk to or a listening ear. Feel FREE to use the FREE services found at “The Advocate”
  • Keep you and your family safe! If you get infected, or are compromised you won’t be able to help as many others in the best way possible. Not to mention you risk spreading it to others in your local community.

“As a community we can unite and have strength. As many hands make for lite work, even in these trying times. Show LOVE to your neighbor and those you meet even if while practicing social distancing.”

April 2020 – Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc