Healthy Person

So, you are a half way healthy person, you feel and don’t get this uproar related to Covid-19 aka CoronaVirus?

While you yourself may NOT be in the critical risk factor category, this Virus doesn’t seem to be very in tuned with each of our feelings. As a healthy person in your community you have a responsibility to:

  • Protect those at risk from potential infection by following the guidelines that the “CDC” (Center for Disease Control), “WHO” (World Health Organization), and others are putting out:
  • Keep Your immune system strong; by eating the right kinda foods, getting natural vitamins, exercise, and yes, even sun light.
  • Check up on your Friends and Neighbors:
    • During times like this it is good if those of us that are in fact healthy check up on those who might be struggling. A simple phone call or text could mean the world to someone struggling.
    • If you do decide you just have to go out, make sure to support those businesses that are struggling to survive in this economic storm. Order food to go from the Mom and Pop Restaurants, do your online shopping with the small family run businesses, and VOTE for your community with your wallet.

When we look at this situation as a whole community and value the health, safety, and economic viability of our society, we all have a part.

Mental Health:

Yes, we said it. And Yes, even those who are healthy might be struggling with issues related to our mental health. All of our retinues have been turned upside down. Life has become unpredictable. All of us are in a new and strange world that none of us have experience in dealing with. People are on edge, and as a whole becoming volatile. Try and be more patient, loving and understanding with those you deal with in your circle. You can often do this even by phone, video chat, and email. And still maintain the recommended “Social Distancing”.

The upheaval with many of our worlds economic retinues has had a direct negative effect on many. The lack of a definitive way to support and provide for many of our loved ones needs only serves to create a greater sense of tension for all those involved. For more information of the Financial aspect of this pandemic please visit our Covid Financial here.

“Go from impulse to thoughtfulness” as you travel these uncharted waters.”

For those of you with children we have put together a page just talking about the effects and thoughts as this situation relates to the younger generation. Check it out here.