The next generation…

How do we protect them in this current crisis?

When you think about the plight of the children and how this has effected them. There is a total mess. This situation has put their routine and even the sense of normalcy in total chaos.

Protecting the children:

Children are the next generation of our society and our communities it is imperative that we respect and understand the implications that this coronavirus has had on all the next-generation. It is extremely stressful for children to see their parents suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression related to the crisis in our world.

The parents and adults in children’s lives should strive to maintain some sort of normalcy. Some sort of order, and regular schedule. Creating a method of doing daily activities. This type of thing will help maintain the child and their way of life. A sense of daily normalcy is imperative for the mental health of the next generation and its leaders, our children.

Us adults should never discuss this crisis in a negative platform in front of young children. Having a defeatist attitude, or mentality with children does not lead to their healthy well-being. We must show them strength, even in the face of fear.

Well, we here at CoronaVirus Protection Guru, would recommend following all of the best practices listed on our healthy persons page. We all know children are incredibly resilient and can recover for many things that we adults may not. But let us not do are part to make that even a harder road for them to travel.

So, next time you’re going to discuss the impending financial upheaval that we all are currently suffering, or anxious about please consider the little ears that might be present. Those little ears often do not have the years of experience, or the psychological strength to interpret and address what you are saying. Please think before we talk. I know what a concept in today’s day and age of the proverbial putting ones foot in ones mouth.

That being said, we shouldn’t lie to our children. If a child has questions, they need to be encouraged to ask them. And we need to be able to give them answers in a honest and direct manner. Answers that are curtailed to their comprehension. Don’t over complicate things. But definitely don’t lie to the children. Honesty goes a long way.

As we as a world continue to cope with this ever developing crisis and pandemic we need to be wary and conscientious of the next generation, our children. This situation has had a tremendous impact on everything from our agricultural world to our financial world. And it is impacting our children. Whether we see it or not. Children impacted by their surroundings. They are the sponge of all things good and bad. They learn by the way the adults in their lives handle change, crisis, anxiety, depression, and anything else. We as adults need to be ever so wary and understanding of this.

If you need help explaining this current situation to your children please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will do our best to help.

Healthy children are a positive reflection on local communities and build a strong next generation. Let’s each do our best to not emotionally, physically, or mentally scar that generation by the way we handle ourselves during this time of crisis.