How has the CoronaVirus had an effect on Agriculture?

How can we protect our agricultural community?

We are in unprecedented times where we have a virus run amuck and those who are the authority on these things are not really sure of all the ramifications. We don’t know if this can be transmitted from a human to an animal? poultry? or simply in the air? Yet, we hear in the news daily of the disastrous and often potentially deadly consequences for those infected. How does the agricultural community protect itself, those working in agriculture, and even the worlds food supply chain?

As recently as last week (smithfield) we had yet more news of the industrialized multinational corporate agricultural processing plants closing due to employees being diagnosed with this novel Coronavirus.

How does this effect the world of agricultural as a whole?

  • How do we know that this virus can’t be transmitted from the processing plant to the end user? (check out our article on Biosecurity)
  • What happens to the animals in the supply chain?
  • Law of supply and demand? Less supply – same demand = higher prices for the consumer (end user) and lower prices for the producer (farmer or rancher).

What can we do to combat these issues?

  • The easiest way is by taking your food supply chain and going LOCAL. Eliminate the massive factory production and buy from the small local farmers and ranchers. The State of Wyoming just recently made it legal for their ranchers to sell direct to consumer.
    • The less hands and people handling your food in route to your table means for less risk factor for contamination. This is just basic logic. While we don’t know if it can be transmitted via the supply chain. Shortening this avenue would make for good common sense.
    • Surplus in the supply chain due to the shut down of the processors. If we buy from our neighbors in our local communities, the effects of this surplus will not have as much as an effect on your local community.
    • The factors of supply and demand wont be so drastically felt if you shop for meat and products grown LOCALLY. You will be able to not have to pay the high prices demanded due to the lack of supply. And you neighbors will still be able to support their family as they wont feel the impact of the lower prices paid to producers due to the lack of production and processing capabilities.
    • We would advocate for trading and bartering with your neighbors for your agricultural needs improving the buying capabilities of your bottom dollar. Learn more at our COVID Financial.

This is why it is important to Get To Know Your Farmer – Today!

Visit our Agricultural Producers area for COVID Protection Info for Producers. In this volatile world as we are seeing daily changes this information is changing almost daily and we are striving to keep it up to date as humanly possibly.