Keeping Kids Safe with COVID-19


Keeping Kids Safe with COVID-19

The coronavirus epidemic is scary, partly because of how effective this virus is at spreading, how many people it kills, and how little immune resistance we have to it, based on its pattern of RNA replication. We all have concerns, And all of us are dealing with the new limitations that have barged into our lives.

What about your little ones? How are they holding up under all of this? With all of the chaos and confusion, many of us are dealing with some amount of stress, trying to keep our kids in good shape. Here are some ways to protect your children during these trying times.

Keep the Children at Home

For the sake of all that’s holy, please keep your children at home, and go run errands by yourself.

Your toddlers don’t know how to social distance properly. It’s not part of their life tool set yet. They’re always going to be less capable at not putting themselves at risk. Try to schedule important errands around this reality, and if there is at least one other person in the house who can watch your kids, then they really should be staying at home. Now, this doesn’t apply to those fun outdoor adventures that can help your child to feel better during a stressful era. It’s just for those times that you yourself have to put on a mask.

Make Your Own Food

Another aspect of this is how you model coronavirus behavior for your children.

This is not a time to go out and risk handling money and credit cards and plastic bags and spreading contagion that way in order to get fast food or restaurant food made for you. Your children will eat better if you practice safe grocery shopping and make your own food in the home. If there was ever a time to cook for yourself, this is it.

In fact, this coronavirus is an enormous teachable moment for parents of children everywhere to show their children how to be resourceful. Instead of buying something new, show your child how to fix something. Grow a vegetable garden. Rely on your own property and your own household for resources, and you’ll see how much you can generate yourself without doing as much shopping.

Project Confidence

To some extent, your children will approach the coronavirus based on what they see you doing. It’s important to project confidence and maintain positivity, even in times like these. It’s not the end of the world yet. Use this time to read a book with your child, or go on an adventure in a safe and responsible way, or create neat games or activities around the house. When your child sees that you are calm and unafraid, this is a massive boost to their own sense of self-confidence and self-reliance and they may also sleep better at night. At GTKYF Foundation Inc., we argue for the rights of the small business and advocate for families. Help us to get involved in this advocacy! Contribute to contact us to get involved in community projects.

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